Tours at Warrook

Our farm tour includes, cow milking, petting pens, whip cracking, sheep dog demonstrations and sheep shearing, which are uniquely Australian farming traditions. Warrook farm tours run daily at 11 am in the morning and again at 1 pm in the afternoon. We also have a fauna park showcasing Australian native animals such as kangaroos, wombats and emus. Visitors can pre book a farm tour or just pop in.

Farm Tour

Take a hop on, hop offscenic wagon ride through the Australian bush with your Aussie Farmer Guide. You are surrounded by historic farm buildings, wildlife and wonderful eucalypt and pepper trees.

  • Feed baby friesian calves with bottled milk in the historic Warrook dairy. Watch as they jostle for attention and suck milk from the bottle.
  • Learn how to milk a cow and try your skill at getting the milk to actually go into the bucket. Sit on a stool and learn the correct milking technique from the Farmer Guide.
  • Get up close with Billy, the gentle friesian bull. Give him a pat and pose for a ‘farm barn’ photo opportunity!
  • Try your hand at crackinga whip in the great outdoors. The sound of a whip cracking is made when the whip flicks back so fast that it breaks the sound barrier!
  • Meet the workingfarm dog, a real Australian Kelpie, and watch how fast he can round up sheep! A fully trained working dog runs very fast and can do the work of three men rounding up the sheep for the farmer.
  • Take a birds eye view in the historic shearingshed built in 1887. Learn all about the shearing process and watch sheep being shorn. A shearer can shear between 150-200 sheep per day, earning around $2.80 per sheep shorn.
  • See the fleece thrown onto the sortingtable, learn how wool is graded and the difference between Merino and crossbred sheep. Rub the wool and feel the soothing effects of natural lanoline on your hands.



Fauna Park Tour

  • Get up close to wildlife on the dam and in the bush at Warrook. Listen to the sounds of geese, ducks, kookaburras and other birdlife and meet the exotic McCaw parrot in all its colourful glory.
  • Feed the wombat ….Wombats are mammals, they are marsupials and are native only to Australia. There are 2 basic types of wombat: the Common Wombat and the Hairy Nosed Wombat. At Warrook Farm, we have a Common Wombat.
  • Wombats are nocturnal graziers and eat mostly grasses and roots. Visitors to Warrook Farm can feed the wombat carrots.
  • Feed the kangaroos ……